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About Us

Our mission is to make fashion more inclusive, giving more women instant access to on-trend styles at affordable prices.

Everyone can express themselves freely through outerwear.

Our Style

We aren't bound by fashion or trends—we believe in enduring style. From our perfect-fitting jeans and leggings to our effortless t-shirts and dresses, we create exclusive styles that can't be found at any other plus size brand. Our hope is that when you discover coolconditioner, you discover a wardrobe that lets you go out and live your best life.

Our Goal

Our purpose is to make every woman, especially those with curves, feel confident, sexy and beautiful. We live to make our customers feel good. And we focus on making our clothes to fit you just right…because we know that a real fit is life-changing.

Biggest Value Savings

Find the sweetest deals around! Keep more money in your pocket when you get up to 50% off from coolconditioner.


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